【英语60词小学作文】篇一:英语60词小学作文 小学生关于我的家乡英语作文60词

  内容导读:My hometown is in yumen, although the scenery there is less wuyi mountain scenery is beautiful, but in my heart, my hometown is the most beautiful. In this seven-day holiday, dad took me to their

  My hometown is in yumen, although the scenery there is less wuyi mountain scenery is beautiful, but in my heart, my hometown is the most beautiful. In this seven-day holiday, dad took me to their day and night miss hometown - yumen. When you get there, the first thing you see is that comes from the green apple, like small red lanterns hung on past green pagoda. Next to the trees and colorful flowers, if you go to my hometown at this moment, you will be intoxicated in the sea of the flowers, let you deep love on her. However, more let I admire is a stream. Because it is afraid of difficulties and obstacles along the way, has been into the rough sea, it is its ultimate goal. I think: we should learn from the brook, meet with difficulties, can't bow to it, and have to overcome the difficulties.

  My hometown and the endless wheat fields. In the autumn, the wind blows catcher flapping, like a golden sea.

  In winter, the dance of snowflakes swirl of fall from the sky, the earth a piece of white, as if to the world of fairy tales. From a distance, the distance a few snow-capped mountains, the qilian mountains. There are four seasons mountain of don't snow all the year round. At the foot of the mountain have a vast prairie, and cattle and sheep were grazing in the grasslands, cattle and sheep with ger around, still lived inside the hospitable host!

  Ah! My hometown is beautiful! I love my hometown.








  篇二:英语60词小学作文 暑假英语作文60词


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  The summer vacation had come again. I was happy that I could forget about school at least for a while. Lest I fool around all through this summer vacation, I made a plan as to how to spend it. First, I thought I should go over all the knowledges that my teachers taught in the previous term so that I could have a better understanding of them. Then I thought I should take up some forms of exercise, such as running and playing basketbal , to keep me physically strong. It stood to reason that with such a good plan I would make the best of my vacation time. I did, because I lived up to what I had planned.

  翻译如下: 暑假又一次来临了。我很高兴我至少能忘记学校一段时间。比起我游手好闲度过整个暑假,我做了个计划来度过它。首先,我觉得我应该复习一遍所有上个学期老师教过的知识以至于能够让我更好的理解。然后,我觉得我应该做些各种形式的锻炼,比如跑步,打篮球来让我的身体更强壮。因为有这么一个计划我将最好的利用这个暑假的时间。我就是这样做的,因为我按照我的计划在生活。




   The Great Wall of China,also known in China as the Great Wall of 10,000,is an ancient Chinese fortification built from the end of the 14th century until the beginning of the 17th century,during the Ming Dynasty,in order to protect China from raids by the Mongols and Turkic tribes.It was preceded by several walls built since the 3rd century BC against the raids of nomadic tribes coming from areas now in modern day Mongolia and Manchuria.The Wall stretches over a formidable 6,350 km (3,946 miles),from Shanhai Pass on the Bohai Gulf in the east,at the limit between China proper and Manchuria,to Lop Nur in the southeastern portion of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

   The first major wall was built during the reign of the First Emperor,the main emperor of the short-lived Qin dynasty.This wall was not constructed as a single endeavor,but rather was created by the joining of several regional walls built by the Warring States.It was located much further north than the current Great Wall,and very little remains of it.A defensive wall on the northern border was built and maintained by several dynasties at different times in Chinese history.The Great Wall that can still be seen today was built during the Ming Dynasty,on a much larger scale and with longer lasting materials (solid stone used for the sides and the top of the Wall) than any wall that had been built before.The primary purpose of the wall was not to keep out people,who could scale the wall,but to insure that semi-nomadic people on the outside of the wall could not cross with their horses or return easily with stolen property.